Pay Per Call Blueprint

Pay Per Call Blueprint

Step-By-Step Training on How to Generate Call Leads Through Google Adwords Click-To-Call.

Course Description

Welcome to Pay Per Call Blueprint.

This training is for you if you are:

  1. Coming from a different vertical and you want to get started in Pay Per Call marketing as quickly as possible.
  2. Running offers and unable to make money with pay per call.

My name is Gene Morris and I am a media buyer who specializes in Pay Per Call marketing.

I'm also an affiliate manager for Palo Media Group.

In this special training I am going to show you a powerful pay per call strategy that's going to get you started quickly and moving towards profitability faster.

Pay Per Call Marketing is a great internet marketing vertical for so many reasons.

  1. The offers are almost always evergreen - so you can run the same campaign indefinitely.
  2. The vertical is white hat - So you'll never have to risk account bans.
  3. It's a dignified vertical - You can feel proud knowing that you are making a difference by helping people in need and local businesses.
  4. You can take your work offline - Go to work generating call leads for businesses in your area.
  5. Plus so much more...

Gene Morris
Gene Morris
About Author

I’m a performance marketer that generates inbound phone leads for businesses big and small.

I am also an affiliate manager for Palo Media and my goal is to teach you a how to earn an honest living by engaging consumers when they are ready to take action and call about a product or service.

Course Curriculum

4. Third-Party Tracking
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